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Do you ship to addresses outside of the US?

We currently operate 3 web stores, including the US, EU and UK. The US webstore currently ships to the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The EU ships to the EU, and the UK ships to the UK. You can switch to the store which will ship to your terr

When will my game ship?

Due to increased order volume your order may be delayed. Please allow up to 14 days for shipping of in-stock items within the US. For detailed information about when your pre-order is currently expected to arrive, please check out our Release Dates p

I pre-ordered a game. When will it be available?

Please note that release dates vary by country due to variations in worldwide shipping times.

If I order a pre-order game and an in-stock game at the same time, when will each item ship?

Our shipping policies are dependent on the territory where we are shipping the package. For US customers we will ship all in-stock items as soon as the order is placed and then hold the remainder of the order until all items are in stock. For Canadia