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How do I report a bug in the My Father's Work App?

We're sorry you've encountered a bug. Thank you for taking the time to let us know!. Please note – This is a digital app. As with ALL digital apps, there will be minor bugs that require future updates. We have planned for this and have a process in p

Where can I find more information about My Father's Work?

Greetings Scientists!The day we’ve been waiting for has arrived! The app is ready! The files have been sent to all of the digital app stores and will be going live as the files filter through their systems. Here’s what you need to know:. **Please not

I'd like to support a local game store. How do I find a store near me?

To find a store close to you that carries Renegade Game Studios games, please check out our local store locator here:

How can I submit my game idea for your consideration?

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Renegade Game Studios.  Due to the high volume of game submissions we have recently received, we are not currently accepting additional submissions.   Best of luck to you with your game and development!

How do I request a game donation for my local group?

We would love to help but we get so many requests that if we took the time to help everyone, we would never have time to make games. We want to bring joy to the world and the best way we can do that is by focusing on what we do best. Thank you for yo

Can I buy individual promo cards?

Thank you for your interest in promo cards.  Promotional items are available at larger conventions we attend and are occasionally included with pre-orders of certain games.  You may be able to find cards available through the online

Is the new Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done - Divine Influence Expansion compatible with the original game?

My Warp's Edge tokens arrived with printing on only one side. Is this a misprint?

No, this isn't a misprint! The game includes some one-sided tokens that are flipped like coins during the game.

My Astral Vortex card was misprinted. What can I do?

We don't have a reprint available quite yet, but we're expecting a reprint to be available in the Fall 2022 with that wave of new releases. For now, we do have a pdf available for you to print or reference here!


The Guardian System is the core game engine behind G.I. JOE Mission Critical. This engaging cooperative game engine was originally developed for Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid and more worlds will use the system in the future.

How do I redeem my Humble Bundle code?