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My game arrived with missing or damaged pieces. What should I do?Updated a year ago

We're sorry to hear that your game pieces are missing or damaged. If this was a new copy of the game that arrived with manufacturing or packaging errors, please fill out this form. Please be sure to include a detailed description of the parts you need to have replaced so that we're sure to send the correct replacements. 

We may respond via email and ask for an image or additional information. When parts are available, we're happy to send replacements to locations served by our web stores.

While we are happy to send replacements for issues caused by manufacturing defects, we aren't able to send replacements for items damaged due to other events.

***Individual card replacements will arrive via USPS in a plain envelope. For larger items, you'll receive an email with tracking information from  Ship Pirate when your shipment is on its way!

****All replacement parts are shipped from our location in the United States. Replacement parts delivered to locations outside of the United States may incur additional fees payable at delivery. Renegade Game Studios is not responsible for these additional fees. We will not offer reimbursement for these fees.

*****Customer support for the Clank! series of games is now handled by Dire Wolf Digital. For Clank! related questions and concerns we encourage you to email Dire Wolf Digital directly at  [email protected] for assistance!

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