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How do I download my PDF?

Purchase a PDF by adding it to your cart and checking out as usual. Follow the steps below to download the copy:

I'm having trouble downloading my PDF. What should I do?

If you're able to see the blue download arrow and options within your account, but the links aren't working to download the file for you, this is most likely an isolated issue due to your download speeds, storage solutions on your computer, or other

I purchased a PDF pre-order from the website. When will I be able to download it?

PDF's are generally available about 2 weeks before the street date of the physical book. Please check out our release date schedule here for our current estimate of when it will be released.

I live in a country Renegade doesn't ship to, can I purchase PDFs from your webstore?

Yes!. The Renegade webstore offers worldwide purchases of digital items. If a shopping cart contains only digital items checkout will not require a shipping address. If you are having issues with checkout and digital items please make sure you do not

Can I return my PDF for a refund?

PDF's are not refundable after the release date of the PDF. For a limited time, some orders come with a PDF at no additional cost. These PDF+Physical Game bundle orders can only be refunded before the PDF is released.  Pre-order bundles including a r

How do I use my Humble Bundle code?

What is the "Bonus Content" I see added to my account?

A bonus content bundle is available for many of our RPGs. They include a range of free bonus content from threats to lore sheets to pre-generated characters. You can download these for free! This content is also included in the PDF downloads. The bon