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How do I redeem my Humble Bundle code?Updated 5 months ago

Please follow these instructions to redeem your code:

 1) Place this  the bundle in the cart of the US version of the website and click on "Checkout Now" or "View Cart." 

2) Enter the code you were provided through Humble Bundle into the coupon code box of the cart
3) Click Apply. 

4) Complete Checkout. You will be required to enter something in the "billing address" line but will not require any payment with a $0 digital item only cart. 

5) Click "Place Order"

6 )Downloads are immediately available by clicking the "Go to Downloads" link. If you've created an account you should be also able to download the pdf from your account now!
  • Log into your account on the website or access it through the "check your order" link in the confirmation email
  • Click on the order number and an itemized list will appear. 
  • Clicking the blue arrow on the pdf on the list will allow you to download it

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